ITC's Sustainability Report is one among the first in India under "In Accordance - Comprehensive" category with “Materiality Matters” confirmation from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Report is the first in India that has been third party assured at the highest criteria of “reasonable assurance” as per International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000.

ITC: An Exemplar In Triple Bottom Line Performance

Carbon Positive:
9 Consecutive years

Water Positive:
12 years in a row

Solid Waste Recycling Positive:
for the last 7 years

Soil & Moisture conservation to 1,49,000 hectares

ITC’s Watershed Development initiative brings precious water to 1,49,000 hectares of moisture-stressed areas

38% Renewable Energy

38% of ITC’s total energy consumption is from renewable sources

Greenest luxury Hotel Chain

All ITC’s premium luxury Hotels are LEED® Platinum certified

1,63,000 hectares greened

ITC’s Social and Farm Forestry initiative has greened 1,63,000 hectares

Market capitalisation:
Over $ 45 billion

Over $ 7 billion

26% Compound annual growth in total shareholder returns over the last 18 years

Over 31,000 employees

ITC Group provides direct employment to more than 31,000 people

Powering growth with multiple business drivers

Diversified multi-business conglomerate spanning FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards & Packaging, Agri Business and Information Technology

Powered by the vitality of world-class brands

Creating around 6 million sustainable livelihoods

Creating community assets

Strengthening the agri production base of nearly 4 lakh farmers

Educating 3,00,000 children

ITC’s Primary Education initiative has educated over 3,00,000 children

Benefitting 4 million farmers

ITC’s globally acknowledged e-Choupal initiative is the world’s largest rural digital infrastructure benefitting over 4 million farmers

40,000 sustainable livelihoods for rural women

ITC’s Women’s Empowerment initiative has created nearly 40,000 sustainable livelihoods

Animal husbandry services for 10,00,000 milch animals

ITC’s Livestock Development initiative has provided animal husbandry services to over 10,00,000 milch animals

70 million person-days of employment generated

ITC’s Social and Farm Forestry initiative has generated over 70 million person-days of employment