GRI- G4 Food Processing Sector Supplement (FPSS)
Material Aspects - DMAs and Indicators Description Page Number/ Explanation Reasons for Omissions External Assurance
Aspect: Procurement / Sourcing Practices - Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA)
DMA Protecting Natural Resources 84-87 Not applicable  
DMA Minimising Toxicity 94-99, 108-117 Not applicable  
DMA Fair Trade All of ITC's trading partnerships are conducted in compliance with applicable legislations Not applicable  
DMA Fair Compensation for Labour 134 Not applicable  
DMA Traceability Not reported Separate Board approved policies of ITC which address Human Rights beyond the Work Place, Responsible Sourcing and Life Cycle Sustainability will provide the structure around which efforts will be directed for traceability within the supply chain and for addressing the sustainability aspects therein. In 2013-14, evaluation for traceability in the wheat supply chain has been completed and monitoring of performance based on identified material aspects will be implemented in a progressive manner  
DMA Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) ITC foods business does not use any GMOs in manufacturing its products Not applicable  
DMA Biofuels 89-90 Not applicable  
Aspect: Procurement / Sourcing Practices - Indicators
FP1 Percentage of purchased volume from suppliers compliant with company's sourcing policy Not reported In line with the commitment made in Sustainability Report 2013, we have developed a Policy on Responsible Sourcing. The management system for monitoring of suppliers' compliance with the policy will be rolled out in 2014-15, and performance data will be reported in a progressive manner from 2015-16  
FP2 Percentage of purchased volume which is verified as being in accordance with credible, internationally recognised responsible production standards, broken down by standard Not reported  
Aspect: Labor / Management Relations
DMA   129-130 Not applicable  
FP3 Percentage of working time lost due to industrial disputes, strikes and/or lock-outs by country 133 Not applicable  
Aspect: Healthy and Affordable Food
DMA Nature, scope and effectiveness of any programmes and practices that promote access to healthy lifestyles; the prevention of chronic disease; access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food; and improved welfare for communities in need 168 Not applicable  
Aspect: Customer Health and Safety
DMA   166-167 Not applicable  
FP4 Percentage of production volume manufactured in sites certified by an independent third party according to internationally recognised food safety management system standards 168 Not applicable  
FP5 Percentage of total sales volume of consumer products, by product category, that are lowered in saturated fat, trans fats, sodium and sugars 168 In Sustainability Report 2013, we had stated that snacks products with lowered sodium content were in the final stages of testing and were expected to be launched in 2013- 14. Market surveys for determining customer preference for such products are still underway and their market release will be determined based on production viability. 90% by volume of our biscuits are transfat free and new variants with added fibre have been launched at the end of third quarter 2013-14  
FP7 Percentage of total sales volume of consumer products, by product category sold, that contain increased fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals or functional food additives Partially reported in Product Responsibility section in 168 In Sustainability Report 2013, we had committed that Foods Business would come out with fortified glucose biscuits by January 2014. However, other Biscuit variants that contain increased fiber, etc., have been launched during end of third quarter 2013-14  
Aspect: Product and Service Labeling
DMA Policies and practices on communication to consumers about ingredients and nutritional information beyond legal requirements All information about ingredients and nutrition of products is published on the product packaging as per relevant statutory requirements Not applicable  
Aspect: Animal Welfare
Not material as none of our businesses are involved in activities related to animal welfare