ITC takes pride in its world-class human resource, which provides the energy and drive to achieve the Company's aspiration to be a market leader in each of its businesses. ITC's 'commitment beyond the market' provides inspiration, meaning and purpose to individual action. ITC strongly believes that the aspiration to create value for society and the nation provides the motive force to its people to enhance sustainable shareholder value creation. The willingness and ability of ITC's human resource to walk the extra mile, aligned to the Company's Vision, Mission and Values, have enabled its transformation into a world-class enterprise, characterized by a high degree of organizational vitality.
ITC leverages its human capital to enhance competitiveness and develop a customer-focused organization by nurturing learning, entrepreneurship and creativity. ITC has developed a world-class talent pool by offering its employees a unique value proposition. This includes opportunities to work in globally benchmarked manufacturing facilities, shape some of India's most valuable brands, shoulder large responsibilities early in a career and gain cross-functional and cross-business exposure. The success of ITC's strategies depends on the quality of leadership across the organization. ITC's governance and human resource strategies help create a base for developing and nurturing distributed leadership.
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