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ITC's Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) strategies are directed towards achieving the greenest and safest operations across all the Company's units by optimising natural resource usage and providing a safe and healthy workplace. Systemic and structured efforts continue to be made towards natural resource conservation by continuously improving resource-use efficiencies and enhancing the positive environmental footprint following a life-cycle based approach.

The Company's focus on inculcating a green and safe culture is supported through the adoption of EHS standards that incorporate best international codes and practices and verifying compliance through regular audits.

ITC has addressed the critical area of climate change mitigation through several innovative and pioneering initiatives. These include continuous improvement in energy efficiency, enhancing the renewable energy portfolio, integrating green attributes into the built environment, better efficiency in material utilisation, maximising water use efficiencies and rain water harvesting, maximising reuse and recycling of waste and increasing use of post-consumer waste as raw material.

Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

As a responsible corporate citizen, ITC has made a commitment to reduce dependence on energy from fossil fuels. Substantial progress has been made in enhancing the renewable energy portfolio and during 2014-15 over 43% of ITC's total energy requirements was met from carbon neutral fuels such as biomass, and wind and solar. ITC has developed a strategic approach and drawn up action plans based on a feasible balance of energy conservation and renewable energy investments to progressively move towards meeting at least 50% of its total energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020.

Water Conservation

Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sequestration

Waste Recycling


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