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ITC has made a far-reaching contribution to the national cause of livelihood creation, particularly in rural India. The Company's integrated rural development programme has helped create a vibrant rural eco-system empowering farmers, enriching the environment and raising rural incomes. These innovative interventions have reached meaningful scale given the core focus on empowerment and co-creation, development of institutional frameworks and capacity building at the grass-roots. By adopting a 360 degree approach to enriching rural eco-systems, ITC has put in place long term drivers that will contribute meaningfully to the national priority of employment generation and sustainable growth.

The overarching aim of ITC's social sector engagement is to empower stakeholder communities to conserve, augment and manage their social and environmental capital in order to promote sustainable livelihoods or employability on a significant scale.

ITC is committed to make growth more inclusive by focusing on the needs of three identified stakeholders:

  • Rural communities in the Company's operational areas.
  • The communities residing in close proximity to the Company's production units.
  • The central and state governments, which encourage Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Within this, the three specific objectives are:

  • To promote climate-smart rural development by broad-basing farm and off-farm livelihoods portfolio of the poor and marginalised. Such interventions strengthen the existing productive base as well as provide alternate sources of incomes, which help minimise the dependence of farmers on rain-fed crops for economic survival.
  • To nurture and develop social capital to create a more level playing field for skill- related vocations and to meet the competitive demands for higher productivity. Both, in turn, generate higher incomes and help in alleviating poverty.
  • To explore a wider canvas of social initiatives in the interest of the nation. ITC is committed to pursuing excellence in sustainability and preserving India's unique cultural heritage.

The major CSR interventions of ITC are as follows:

Social Forestry

ITC's pioneering initiative of wasteland development through the Social Forestry Programme cumulatively covers 69,421 hectares in 4,535 villages, impacting over 72,000 poor households. This is part of the Social and Farm Forestry initiative that has together greened nearly 223,000 hectares to date and generated nearly 100 million person days of employment for rural households, including poor tribal and marginal farmers. The agro­forestry initiative, that ensures food, fodder and wood security, cumulatively covered above 18,900 hectares till date.

Soil and Moisture Conservation

Bio Diversity

Sustainable Agriculture

Livestock Development

Women Empowerment


Skilling & Vocational Training

Health & Sanitation

Solid Waste Management

Preserving India's unique cultural heritage

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