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Rohit DograRohit DograMarketing"Destiny of ITC is not dictated by anybody but created by the collective of people who work here" Nishant KumarNishant KumarTechnology"Entrusted with projects worth 10 Million Dollars in the first 2 years" Mayur GohilMayur GohilTechnology"Flexibility offered, you can work on a lot of ideas" Amitav MukherjiAmitav MukherjiHuman Resources"Relentless emphasis on Excellence, its part of the company's DNA" Akshay MoorthyAkshay MoorthyAssistants Under Training"An experience of a lifetime...
Listen to Akshay Moorthy share his experience on his first year @ITC. Akshay joined ITC in June 2011, as a Assistant Under Training (AUT), he was also a summer intern with us "
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