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Knowledge, Initiative & Talent Excellence Series is ITC's Summer Internship Programme designed to provide tomorrow's leaders a unique platform to learn, experience and manage real business situations.

Indeed KITES is a one of its kind programme! Students are given the opportunity to experience the rigours of actual work/business scenarios, apply their theoretical learnings 'on the job' and gain precious insights into management, leadership and everyday challenges. In fact, KITES works both ways - while you get to intern with any of ITC's businesses and understand the core process of value-creation, we get re-energised by the host of new ideas, fresh perspectives and compelling observations that you bring to the table!

Internships are offered for a period of 8 weeks, during the months of April, May and June each year. KITES is an extremely important platform that enables us identify exceptional talent from the best of institutions in India, who have the potential to become the next generation of leaders at ITC. Interns are awarded Pre Placement Offers of Employment based on their performance during the internship.



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