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ITC IT E-Waste Policy

ITC's achievements across all three dimensions of the "Triple Bottom Line" - economic , social and environmental is well known and recognized globally. Being a pioneer in environmentally sustainable operations ( e.g Carbon and Water positive , solid waste recycling positive), we need to meet demanding standards of responsible waste management in all aspects of our operations.

With pervasive use of electrical and electronic equipments in our daily operations, disposal of obsolete equipments is increasingly posing a threat to our environment . There is therefore a need to handle such disposals - referred to as E-Waste - in a responsible manner in line with emerging global best practices and standards.

IT E-Waste is a subset of E-Waste and covers the following IT equipments

Sl. No. Category Items
1. Computers Server / Desktop computer (CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse), Laptop, Notebook, Dumb terminal, etc or similar items
2. Printer & Accessories Printer, Scanner, Printer Cartridge, Toner, etc or similar items
3. Network equipments Routers, Switches, Patch panel, Modem, Converter, VSAT equipments, etc or similar items
4. IT Accessories TV Tuner box, Floppy, CD and DVD, Pen Drive, External Hard disk, External CD / DVD writer, DAT Drive, Speaker, Laptop Battery, Hand Held device, VC equipments, Data Cartridge, etc or similar items
5. Associated Electrical items Power cable, Data cable, UPS, etc or similar items

IT E-Waste Policy

IT E-Waste Management Guidelines

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