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ITC Food Products Policy

It is ITC's policy that its food products should provide nutritious, tasty, hygienic and convenient options to the consuming public.

ITC will offer food products across multiple categories, price points, delivery formats and segments as dictated by the needs of the consumer.

ITC's portfolio of food products will be continuously improved and modified to -

  • offer new products that meet the aspiration of the changing consumer,
  • offer food products with affordable and appropriate nutrition,
  • offer food products with micronutrient fortification,
  • drive reduction of sodium, sugar and fat in Products,
  • offer trans-fat free products,
  • offer functional food products with focus on India specific metabolic disorders,
  • follow a strict code for making product functional claims,
  • follow the highest standards in nutrition labelling and reporting,
  • follow responsible marketing and consumer communications practices,
  • create and sustain R&D focus in development of new products and processes,
  • follow the highest standards of hygiene and manufacturing practices in all delivery formats,
  • collaborate with experts and institutions and
  • ensure widespread accessibility to healthy products through appropriate pricing and wide distribution.

Policy Framework and Strategies

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